Frequently Asked Questions Answered by a Georgia Trial Lawyer

After a Car, Truck, or Motorcycle Accident,What Should I Do?

  1. Check yourself for injuries.
  2. Check on your passengers for injuries.
  3. Call 911 and seek help.
  4. If you are feeling well enough, speak to any witnesses and take photos and/or videos at the scene.
  5. Call Your experienced team at The Randall Firm

Are there any Time Limitations to File my Personal Injury Claim?

Yes.  For public policy reasons, under Georgia law, Plaintiffs have time limitations called statute of limitations to pursue injury causes of action.  While there are some exceptions, Georgia generally allows parties two years to file a lawsuit for personal injuries.  Call your experienced team at The Randall Firm to discuss the facts regarding your injury to assess the statute of limitation for your harm.

Are there any Important Things to Know Immediately?


Yes.  You should not speak to anyone besides your lawyer about your case-- This includes posting about your injury or accident on social media. 

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