Partnering with The Randall Firm, LLC is a win-win solution.  We will review the pertinent records, consult with you and your client, and analyze the merits of the case.  As permitted by law, we enter into fee-sharing agreements with all types of lawyers, regardless of their area of practice. For example, we have entered into referral arrangements with corporate lawyers, in-house counsel, and even retired lawyers (as long as they are members of a bar and are legally considered to be a lawyer in their jurisdiction).

The amount of the referral fee percentage agreed to depends on the individual circumstances of each case and is determined on a case-by-case basis. Some of the factors evaluated in determining an appropriate fee-sharing percentage are: the type of case, the risk level, the anticipated costs, the desired level of involvement of the referring attorney, and the stage of the litigation. 

Please contact us if you have a case you want to refer to us, if you want to joint venture with us, or if you are litigating a case that has reached a difficult stage and you need our assistance. We can assist in cases at any stage of litigation, dependent upon the facts of each individual case, and can even associate in as counsel on the eve of mediation or trial.

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